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CN West Canada Challenge | UNDERCARD Free bundle (2 videos) CN West Canada Challenge | UNDERCARD

This event will feature some of the most exciting finalists from previous CompNets, showcasing the top GB Athletes in 20 Gi and No Gi fights, both for kids and adults.

Don't miss your chance to see it live! 


  1. Kasra Moshfeghi vs Svyatoslav Brezghin

  2. Amaya Dhaliwal vs Keelee Pileggi

  3. Tyler Wan vs Dominic Moznik

  4. Noah Mahjour vs Daniel Ehsaei

  5. Francis Morgan-Buckmire vs Loic Auila

  6. Rebecca Hevia vs Zariya Khan

  7. Guilherme Gualberto vs Kael Gitz

  8. Ayul Eum vs Eliot Reimer

  9. Antony Vergara vs Ethan Bedall

  10. Colton Cheng vs Levi Gold

  11. Jayden Chung vs Patrick Oravec

  12. Jordan Chung vs Tyson Van Overschot

  13. Elijah Kehler vs Roberto Hevia

  14. Amelia Reimer vs Cecilia Balladares

  15. Jasiyah Gharial vs Leona Oravec

  16. RJ Moshfeghi vs Carmen Hardie

  17. Victoria Dejong-Lopez vs Caitie McGuiness

  18. Julianna Mahjour vs Mya Forrest

  19. Max Doroschuk vs Jack McMillan

  20. Pedro Lima vs Felix Mauboules

Streaming from Vancouver!

The Undercard is at 10 AM, Main Event 2 PM PST.

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