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CN UK Challenge | Main Event & Undercard Buy Bundle (10 videos) CN UK Challenge | Main Event & Undercard

Enjoy BOTH the Undercard and Main Event! Watch super fights between 24 Gracie Barra athletes from the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, and America.

Don't miss out on your chance to see it live!


  • Matthew Callaghan vs Paulo Gomes
  • Carson Coles vs André Cruz
  • Oskar Gasperski vs Finn Mesken
  • Sula-Mae Loewenthal vs Keanna Klay
  • Ravil Aglyarov vs Thibaut Rostain
  • Alanna Pritchard vs Barbara Pellegrino
  • Hannah Simmons vs Garbrielle Paxman


Main event:

  • Lucas Valente vs Vitor Penteado
  • Vanessa English vs Andressa Cintra
  • Charlie Adorian vs Nejc Hodnik
  • Eric Bergmann vs Paulo Brasil
  • Igor De Souza vs Gareth Neale


Streaming from Europe! The Undercard 4:30 pm, Main Event 7:30 pm BST.

Undercard 8:30 AM / Main Event 11:30 AM PST

USD $25.00